Monday, April 04, 2011

Good Morning, Monday + Lash Out

If you are just tuning into my blog, PLEASE skip to the best parts.  

Read my interview with one of Michelle Obama's favorite designers, Maria Cornejo. Her designs are so colorful, so chic, so fresh and so new. Also, check out my video chat with designer Richard Chai and my skincare recommendations for Twitter guru Jack Dorsey (yup, I met him last week too). XOX + I am everywhere + hearts to my readers.

All Eyes On You

Not sure what to wear when you wink? I finally tried out the Armani "Eyes to Kill mascara ($30) that I nabbed at a chic blogger party at Barneys way back when. One word for the effect: lush.

The Armani mascara creates thick, perfectly separated and glossy eyelashes that pop in just one or two quick sweeps. This week, I probably will just wear it indoors and inside my apartment because I already have too, too...many...admirers. (This is kind of a weird coincidence, but yeah it's hard being moi. Sigh.)


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