Monday, April 18, 2011

Blush and Burn

Greetings darlings,

Born in L.A., it's hard for me to say no to anything that reminds me of this city.  So I am digging Sue Devitt blush in, uh, what's the name of that shade? Oh yes, "Los Angeles."  I applied this blush across my cheekbones with a flat blush brush for an ooh-la-la-land look. The dreamy, pinkish-coral color is perfection.

On to fashion talk! As we rev up for a bohemian summer, your long legs need these. This pair of Wolford tights are psychedelic to the max, and thus excellent attire for reading very long books, conversing with boring people, intimidating your boyfriend, and generally inspiring envy in all those who surround you. Why live any other way?
Wolford Sousan tights. Pair 'em with a monochromatic dress to look wild and classy.

Buy it: Sue Devitt Silky blush in Los Angeles ($20),; Wolford Sousan tights ($55),,,

Dum Dum Girls video, "Jail La La":

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