Thursday, April 14, 2011

Social Butterfly: Beautylish Party Recap

Over the weekend, I attended Beautylish's party at the Crosby Hotel in SoHo. A sea of bloggers and YouTube stars swanned about as Ning Chao, beauty director of Beautylish, charmed everyone with her graceful manners (and that fetching Jill Stuart dress).

On hand at the party were top-notch pros to show us regular gals how it's done. I let Donna Wagner of Pipino Salon style my hair . She created a glamorous, tousled side bun with Wella Professionals products. One great item from the line is Wella Professionals Bold Move Dry Styling paste, which allows you to create texture and movement without weighing your hair down.

If you want to create a bun with romantic flyaways, the Wella Bold Move Dry Styling paste is perfect. It's a) not too sticky and b) leaves a completely invisible finish. Once you smooth your hair with a basic hair spray, part and pull your hair to the side.  Begin to twist and pin it into a bun.Then, dab a little of this paste onto the palm your hand. Holding your palm flat, rub your hand across your hairdo to pull out small loose strands. Continue rubbing and mussing your hair, and pinning it into the place. The end result is a gorgeous, devil-may-care look.

Tarte LipSurgence natural lip luster
After my fancy hair update, I happened upon YouTube star Alexa Losey of Smokey Pink Leopard and Cydia, who has more than 150,000 views on her YouTube channel CyDangie. Talk about pint-sized sensations!

The evening was a whirlwind, and I left with an enorm' gift bag chock full of diamond powder face cleanser (crazy, right?) and Tarte LipSurgence natural lip luster in Adored. I just tried the Tarte lip luster today, and it leaves my lips hydrated, smooth and an angelic light pink shade. This is a great product for summer and younger gals just getting into makeup.

Anyhoo, what a party and what a haul! My brimming-with-goodness gift bag weighs more than me. But then again, most things do.... sigh!


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