Saturday, April 09, 2011

Palm Beach Prairie Grunge

I think my look today, in my head or your head, would be "extreme" hypothetically, but it's not. I mixed my sheer red and white plaid dress (prairie) with skinny black jeans (downtown New York), a Chanel-esque jacket (Palm Beach) and Ecco black clogs (grunge).

I'm wearing Estée Lauder Frozen Fantasy nail polish (read: gold!) over a layer of Nars nail polish in Orgasm. (I wonder if some magazines ignore all the makeup that is named, like, Sex Machine, which is BTW another totally great lip color which you can use as a blush by Nars.)

As you can see, the caffeine has officially kicked in. Here's a pictorial shopaholic-style breakdown of the outfit's "requirements" (ahem) if you wanted to recreate it. I promise to post a picture of myself on Twitter at @glamgoverness later today too.

Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Baby Doll dress ($785.33), Also, I think Forever 21 and Juicy Couture sell little plaid dresses at much lower prices, but this one is so ROCK AND ROLL.

Estée Lauder Frozen Fantasy nail polish!!!!!

Black and white Chanel-esque sweater jacket ($69), White House Black Market. Ambivalent about the snaps, but you could work it out or scout at a vintage store for a very authentic boxy jacket.

Frye Clara clog ($147), Nordstrom.


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