Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Purple Haze: Sue Devitt Makeup Tutorial

You know I would never lead you in the wrong direction. So many beauty tutorials on the internet are a bit Snooki-esque, in my humble opinion. If you read Eyeshadow Government, you are a) so not allowed to look like a C-list celebrity trainwreck, b) wonderful and c) I adore you.

On with the show! The Sue Devitt makeup line is featured in this step-by-step article because you would need to work really hard to appear anything less than natural and glowy with these products. They are all terrific and easy to apply.

1. Brush a little bit of Sue Devitt Electric Sheen eyeshadow in Cap Ferrat across your eyelids as a base.

2. Sweep Sue Devitt rollerball in Hopetown, a lavender shade, across the eyelids. Some of it can fall slightly above the eyelid area. I love this eyeshadow because it shimmers, but in a subtle way. Gals of every age can wear the Hopetown shade.

3. Then, line your upper eyelids with Sue Devitt Eye Intensifer Pencils in Surat (a pretty and shimmery taupe color, far right) and Ava (a gorgeous shimmery purple, far left). I used both on my top eyelid, but it's up to you. Then, smudge. 4. Also, draw the Surat pencil across the outer corners of your lower eyelid for extra definition. 5. Next, the Eye Illuminator pencil in Epernay (in the center) is perfect for dabbing on the area right below your eyebrow. The Epernay shade opens up your eyes for a "wow" effect. Remember to blend this too.

6. Apply Sue Devitt Hydrating Marine Minerals Tinted Moisturizer in the appropriate shade across your face and blend thoroughly. I used the Moorea shade.
7. For areas that require more coverage, you can add the Sue Devitt foundation too. This shade is Tanami.

8. Finish the look with the Sue Devitt Silky Blush in Los Angeles. 

This is me after giving myself this makeover. The lighting in this photo is harsh, but I swear it looked much more natural in person. I immediately received compliments from friends. Also, you can see in the third snapshot I took about six hours later in the day how "barely there" the makeup looks on my skin.

Cheerful about my makeover.

Sleepy, but happy many hours later.
 Sue Devitt makeup is sold at Barneys, Macy's and


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