Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catch Heather Graham If You Can
+ Origins Multi-Grain Makeup Review


I've always been a fan of Heather Graham. But my eternal adoration of Graham has become a moral issue as well. Yes, one of Hollywood's ditziest, blondest and cutest actresses has been kind of on the DL in recent years, but she hasn't lost any of her charms. If you didn't catch this yesterday, Heather Graham's bad, beautiful self has resurfaced in a hi-larious commercial supporting, you guessed it, healthcare. She is looking out for us ladies (and gentleman)!

If you enjoy this commercial, you may also like 'Cake,' one of the awesomest movies ever. It's about an editor who discovers love and happiness while working for a bridal magazine.

Also On My List of Very Good Things: Origins Multi-Grain Makeup

Are you on this boat already, divas? Because you should be.

In a moment of utter fatigue, I hurled myself at the Origins makeup counter and let the knowledgeable people there fix my beleaguered-as-heck face. And I now use Origins multi-grain powder makeup almost every day.

The Down-Low: It provides medium-to-light coverage and feels smooth on the skin. Because I purchased the powder form, the Origins lady even gave me a free, high quality makeup brush. (FTC note: I paid for this product.)

Unlike other mineral makeup lines, which sometimes do irritate skin and even cause breakouts, this makeup contains soothing ingredients like oatmeal and rice flour. My skin, as I have mentioned many times, is sensitive. The Origins Multi-Grain makeup also feels light against my skin. It's almost not like wearing anything all. And better yet, it's paraben-free.

Origins says 78% saw an improvement in their skin from using this product. Count me in for that statistic.

Grade: A

But now that I've gotten all that off my chest, what products are making you rapturous? Talk to me!