Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skincare Product Review: L'Bel Neuvive Cream

Your first question probably is: what's L'Bel?

I had never heard of L'Bel, but the brand is a direct selling company founded in Peru. Women across Latin America use L'Bel products, and the company only recently entered the U.S. Unlike Mary Kay, L'Bel is a beauty brand with a luxury orientation and all their skincare products are formulated in European laboratories.

The company gave me a few of their products to try out.

So far, I just started using the Neuvive lotion and although my skin is ultra-sensitive, I am impressed with the results.  L’Bel Neuvive Renewing and Perfecting Facial Treatment Cream leaves my skin feeling silky and velvety to touch. I will keep on using this product because immediately, I like it a lot.

L'Bel also claims this cream will stimulate the skin's renewal cycle and remove dead skin cells, so I look forward to seeing the long-term effects too. Hooray!

Also, the L'Bel eye makeup remover is definitely a cut above drugstore versions.

Buy it: L’Bel Neuvive Renewing and Perfecting Facial Treatment Cream ($44), L'Bel USA website.

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