Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sorry, but He's Kinda Cute! has this ridiculous online slideshow of NFL "hotties." I know nothing about football, or anything that involves running or jumping that isn't ping pong. But if you like to look at men with black streaks of paint on their can look at them here. (Bobbi Brown should totally help these men with their choices in blush.)

Pretty in Purple

This is the new Bobbi Brown spring look, all super-fresh and healthy. It's nothing too complicated. The model, with her 60s style "do," could be off to a nightclub, horseback riding, or study hall. This look really works anywhere. All it takes is a swab of Bobbi Brown's pinkish-purple blush--a solid blush brush will help--from the Violet Face Palette , "inspired by her travels out West," and another sweep of lipstick. The best is the Bobbi Brown Uber Beige lip color. When spring hits, swap your red lipstick for a sultry neutral.

Buy it: Violet Pace Palette, Uber Beige lip color. Find it through the Bobbi Brown store locator. (Like wow!)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

T, as in Madamoiselle T. LeClerc

We love the nickname "T," as well as drinking hot tea, so of course we're always all about T. LeClerc. The
T. LeClerc concealer palette is our pinch hitter, especially when our skin gets a little flushed in places or dark under the eyes. If your eyes are tired, the yellow will brighten the face, and the green covers any red or flushed areas.

All of the colors are moist enough to set naturally, and have enough juice in them to spread evenly. Sooo many concealers are too dense in color and dry. You can blend the two different shades to actually match your skin. (What a concept?) We know.

Okay, finding this product still wasn't as good as when Seth found his spirit animal in the forest, and it was an otter. But almost.

Buy it: T. LeClerc Concealer palette,; Barney's, in-store.

Digging the Ides of March

I have a hunch the Edith bag by Chloe is going to be one of March's "it" bags. We're going to have to wait around for the knock-offs on Canal St. Available for pre-order at Bergorf Goodman.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Put On Your Spectacles!

Encyclopedic Aesthetic: We thought we would mention that "The Beauty Brains" explains one of life's deepest mysteries, like 'how do fish reproduce?' and 'what's the square root of nine?': How Does Mascara Work?

Tips!: The ghost of Max Factor has published some beauty tips with very detailed instructions. Born in Lodz, Poland, the original Max Factor's real name was Max Faktor.

Entertainment: Our fashion inspiration of the month is Ugly Betty. This is a belated hooray for America Ferrera winning the Golden Globe for Ugly Betty. Eyeshadow Government watches this show fervently every week, and Betty Suarez is the raddest, most beautiful chick on TV.

News: Eyeshadow Gov' will be searchable by a list of categories. The card catalogue system will be up and running soon. Keep all four eyes peeled!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Forbidden Perfumes

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have a new video up on the Urban Outfitters home page. (Hmmm....slightly commercial?) We like the belts too, way perky for winter. Absolument Absinthe perfume is the talk of many beauty blogs this month, but we have to give credit to Mandy Aftel for leading this trend. Mandy Aftel, a wondrous California artisanal perfumer, has stopped producing her line of Absinthe perfume for regular shops. You can purchase a bottle of Absinthe through the highly coveted Aftelier product archive.

Buy it: Belt ($18),; Absinthe perfume ($145), Aftelier Perfumes; Absolument Absinthe ($130), available at Lucky Scent. (Air kisses!)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Arch on High

As an admirer of all things arch, we would like to review your options for this fall.

In eyebrow land, the guru of arches Anastasia is setting up sweet eyebrow salons in lots of Nordstrom's. Sephora, in Times Square, already has one. All Anastasia-ettes staff, who really know how to pluck, go through three days of company-sponsored training.
Or if you're passing through LA, we recommend from our little black book:

Damone Roberts
9669 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 271-2100
(Celebs flock to this guy like lemmings.)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cute Overload

Cargo lip gloss, a mainstay for busy celebrities, has rolled out a new line of biodegradable lipsticks, PlantLove Botanical Lipsticks. There's even one designed by Lindsay Lohan. (Does that mean it will give you herpes?) We didn't just say that. On a more serious note, two dollars from the sale of each lipstick will be donated to an honorable charity, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and so we say do good by buying stuff.

Also, if you have the Chloe passion, we dig this See By Chloe t-shirt at Bergdorf Goodman, aka raspberry splendor.

Buy it: PlantLove Botanical lipstick ($20), available at Sephora; See by Chloe t-shirt ($58, online sale), available at Bergorf Goodman.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good-bye Sunshine, Good-bye Slow Crashing Waves

So, I am still hoping this news is just an awful lie. The O.C. is cancelled, and our only option now is to take a lot of drugs. Nothing will save us now, not even Philosophy's....

Having revived the lost art form known as television, the O.C. has been a catalyst in none other than a dramatic Renaissance. (And we're not talking about that fair with all the dirty hippies.) This may be a controversial stance, and we respect people of all faiths.

Holla at the West Coast, my original home. Either way, I already saw tonight's episode of the O.C. and if you want eyes like Julie's look tonight, swab on Nars eyeshadow in Paper Tiger. It will never mask your sorrow.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rihanna & The New Year

I'll give you the scoop on my New Year's Eve and a whole lot more later this afternoon.

Rihanna has been knighted CoverGirl's new "girl."

Gina Drosos, Vice President and General Manager of Global Cosmetics, Procter & Gamble Beauty commented, “Rihanna is a talented, confident young woman who exemplifies the CoverGirl ideals with her inner confidence and fresh beauty. We're proud to welcome her to the CoverGirl family.”