Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Picks: Barneys Beauty Guru Jason Ascher Tells All

As the resident Beauty Guru at Barneys New York, makeup artist Jason Ascher helps some of the most powerful young women in New York get gorgeous.

Need the best lipstick? A serum that will make your skin glow like no other? Just ask Jason.

Earlier this week in the Penthouse at Barneys on Madison Avenue, he shared a selection of his faves with a host of beauty bloggers, who were veritably swanning about in all their finery and tapping away like Fred Astaire on their iPhones.

Here are a few of Ascher's favorite beauty products for spring:

In the category of fragrance, Ascher recommended two rose scents, Frederic Malle's Carnal Flower and Le Labo Tubereuse. These fragrances are so interesting and wildly different that you would hardly know they were based on the same plant. Carnal Flower is a warm oriental perfume. I find this scent to be both personal and adventurous. Meanwhile, Le Labo Tubereuse is a sprightly, delicious scent. "The tuberose is very bright," he said of the fragrance. "It's fresh and clean." I think this second perfume would be ideal for wearing to prom or as a special birthday present.

In the skin care category, like any true beauty addict, Ascher was excited about many different products. He was crazy for Koh Gen Do's Soft Gommage Gel, which contains rosemary essential oil and crushed pearl. (Save some of those pearls for me, darling!)  Unlike many other facial scrubs, this scrub melts away dead skin cells without causing tiny scratches on your face or irritation. He explained this is because the product doesn't contain any grains. (I have a sample, and will let you know how it works on my skin too!)

He also is an advocate of this special serum by Sunday Riley called Juno. "Clients immediately love the smell," he said. Juno Transformative Lipid Serum gives skin an instant glow, and makes the rest of the job of putting on makeup much easier. And he swears by the cult fave Eve Lom cleanser in the tube form, an oil-based product that doesn't disturb the skin's natural pH balance. (Jason's skin, for the record, is quite enviable.) In addition, he touted the virtues of Sjal's orb eye contour cream, which contains caffeine to reduce puffiness.

If you can imagine, in the middle of Jason's speech to us about eye creams and magic potions, the girl blogger-ette posse were calling out questions left and right. He always had an answer! Believe me, we were drinking the "Jason kool-aid" and loving every moment.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a second installment of Ascher's tips! Learn more about his makeup picks and what makes them fa-bu!  

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DISCLOSURE: At this event, I received samples of some of these beauty products, which I was told were provided by various brands. (Expect my own reviews of these soon too.) Also, there was a raffle for a $1,000 Barneys Gift Card, which I didn't participate in because I do not accept accept items of that nature. Congrats to the lucky girl who did!

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