Privacy Policy

Eyeshadow Government takes your privacy seriously.

When you visit Eyeshadow Government, information about your visit is tracked through the use of cookies. Details that Eyeshadow Government gathers about your visit to the blog may include your IP address, location, time of visit and age. This information is used to analyze content performance, learn more about broad trends in the site's reader demographics, and potentially provide statistical information to third-party vendors (which may include business partners and advertisers) or members of the media.  You can turn off cookies on your computer at any time by modifying your Internet browser settings. This information remains anonymous.

The Website, Eyeshadow Government, generally collects personally identifying information with your specific knowledge and consent. For instance, when you enter a sweepstakes or contest or complete a survey, you are asked to provide information such as your e-mail address, name or phone number. Optional information such as your age or gender may also be requested.  This information remains anonymous, and your name and identity will never be shared with a third-party vendor without your express content.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions, you may contact the owner of this blog at eyeshadowgovernment [at]