Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Britney Spears Wears Burberry Prorsum Jacket in Till the World Ends Video

Britney Spears may have a hit on her hands. You can see the Burberry jacket at 0:10 and throughout the video.

The Spears video, directed by Ray Kay, reminded me of Jennifer Lopez's "Do It Well," which was directed by David LaChapelle in 2007.  Both wear studded jackets in orgiastic club scenes and smack guys around like they just don't care. Their dance moves don't seem totally different to me, but I'm, like, not a choreographer.

Which video wins?

Britney vs. Lopez on leather jackets: Tie
Britney's underground club vs. Lopez's underground club: Jennifer Lopez's club is way freakier, so Lopez wins.
Fighting style: Britney' s blows to random guys pale in comparison to the way Lopez beats guys up in her video. Britney wins for playing nice.
Britney vs. Lopez on art direction: David LaChapelle's video for Lopez, of course. I'm a fashion magazine-lovin' person, but...obbbb-vi-ous-ly. This is a no-brainer.
Most likely to succeed on the charts: Britney!!! ("Do It Well" happened a long time ago.) Let's see if this is her comeback song.

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