Thursday, April 21, 2011

Get Down to Earth

Photoshop CS5 Extended software.

 So many of the images we see circulating on the internet and in magazines and newspapers are manipulated using Photoshop.

Some countries have even proposed banning the use of Photoshop in the media, but I believe that would be a form of censorship. Still, it is worthwhile to consider that so much of what we see is actually unreal or slightly false.

Compare what you look like and what your friends look like to an advertisement in a magazine. Then, remind yourself that the advertisement image has been "adjusted." The differences may be slight or drastic to you, but don't forget that what you see is most likely an illusion.

Nobody's perfect! Celebrate your imperfections! They make you you!

The "Spot Healing Brush Tool" and Gaussian Blur are two functions in Photoshop for making imperfections on the skin disappear.

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