Sunday, January 09, 2011

Vintage Sunday: 'Color Me Beautiful MakeUp Book'

Back in the Eighties, many fashionable women were interested in a book called, "Color Me Beautiful," written by Carole Jackson. A companion book called "Color Me Beautiful MakeUp Book" was released in 1987.

Jackson's central tenet was that once women figured out whether their coloring was "autumn," "winter," "spring" or "summer," they could dress and wear makeup according to their "season's color palette."

The "Color Me Beautiful MakeUp Book" is chock full of Hot Power Women, freaky hair-dos, and 800 pounds of blush. A caption for this photo reads, "Doreen has typical Winter coloring: light olive skin, dark brown eyes, and black-brown hair. She looks wonderful in all the vivid colors of the Winter palette."

Too hot. Quelle accessories!

Granted, the advice in this book is 100% retro and cuckoo comprehensive. But here's one tip you could try out. Just don't blame Eyeshadow Government if you end up looking a little like Joan Collins! Channel your inner diva, yo.

On cheeks:
  • "You don't have to be born with the fashionably high cheekbones so many glamorous models have. Here's how they get them. First, find your cheekbones with your fingertips. With your under-eye brush, dot a line of highlighter along the top edge of each cheekbone up to the hairline, then gently pat with fingertips to blend. Next, take your contour shade and make a similar line of dots along the bottom edge of each cheekbone, in the hollow of your cheek , and blend once again. Now, lightly press your sponge, still damp with your regular foundation over your cheekbones to soften the sculpting. If you want to intensify the effect, you can lightly dust your tinted contour powder just under your cheekbones, using a fan brush."

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