Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bird's Eye View: Winged Eyeliner Inspired by the Jean Paul Gaultier Runway Show

At the Jean Paul Gaultier show, girls lit up the runway in firecracker red lips, winged eyeliner and lots of fake eyelashes.

For the eye look, all you need is a simple eyeliner pen. I recommend Dior liquid eyeliner in black ($33, Sephora). Trace the top of the eyelid in one smooth motion, and then extend the line up and out beyond your eyelashes. The line outside of your eyelashes should swoop and have movement. Be daring and calligraphic! You will notice how the liner veers up and looks a bit Satanic, but you can also make the "wings" curlier for a more demure take. It will take a few strokes to build the "wings." Next, line the inner under-eye area, but only halfway across the eye.

Watch an interview with the designer backstage at his punk cancan show:

He says, "Pouf! I try to make the fission." Man, are the French cute! But I digress.

Finish with red lipstick and loads of mascara. You can save the fake eyelashes for the runway.


I also just wanted to give a holler to everyone who read my blog yesterday in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, New York, Mountain View (xox!), Chicago, Minneapolis, Texas, crunchier places like Washington and Canada and yes, even New Jersey. My mom is from New Jersey, so heya to my Jersey girls! I'm not allowed to move there though. She would kill me first. XOXOX

Also, that was Psykko Tico (see my earlier post). Love her to death, but I wouldn't Google her name at work.

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