Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Beautiful You: 6 Major Tricks for Clearer Skin

Breakouts are perfectly normal, but not always very fun. Here are some quick tips for improving problematic skin.

1. Drink five glasses of water a day.

2. Trade your liquid foundation for a mineral-based powder.

3. Go to a yoga class or take a 20-minute walk. Exercise helps promote circulation and reduces stress-related spots.

4. Make a healthy adzuki bean soup using skincare expert Susan Ciminelli's recipe. To learn how to prepare this soup, click here.

5. Using a mild cleanser, wash your face not once, but two times. The water should be warm, and not too cold. (Ice cold water can cause reddish broken capillaries.)

6. Avoid alcohol-based toners that strip your skin of natural oils.

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