Monday, January 24, 2011

Be Electric: Top Gadgets for Young Women at Bergdorf Goodman

The posh department store Bergdorf Goodman is exquisite in every way, and I hope to head back there very soon. Perhaps even next week.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they sell many electronic devices, or beauty power tools, that are in fact very "budget-friendly."

These were my top picks:

1. Tria Clarifying Blue Light System

This handy device emits special blue light that kills the bacteria beneath the skin's surface that causes acne. While the experts at Bergdorf's warned that this wouldn't cure cystic acne, it is an excellent solution for bacterial acne.

The brochure for Tria promises clearer skin within two weeks. It also comes with a disposable cartridge which is replaceable. Blue light is safe, and should not be confused with damaging UVA or UVB rays.

Now, we'll do the math. It can easily cost $600 or more for a series of blue light skin therapy sessions at a dermatologist's office.

If you were to buy the Tria Be Clear starter kit though, it would cost $295 for the device, the cleanser and a rebuilding complex. If you were to use it 14 times or twice a week for 7 weeks, the cost per "session" would be $21. Less than a good lipstick.

(One caveat: I have been told many times that some people do see dramatic results from light therapy treatments, but it doesn't work on everyone. This is true though of almost any skincare regimen.)

2. Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron

Everyone at Bergdorf's has perfect hair, and many of the staff members use the Sedu Revolution styling iron ($159). Felicia Walker Benson of, who hosted the Beauty Power Tools event at Bergdorf Goodman on Friday night, raved about this iron. She no longer has to visit the salon frequently and has saved loads of money. Her hair was quite fabulous and sleek.
She advised using the iron just once a week with a drugstore heat protection spray.

Also, this model has special, heated curved plates for creating beachy waves and flips. Models without curved plates can accidentally create a "dented" look in your hair. Hate the dented look! Do the wave! The beachy waves part had me sold.

3. Clarisonic Skin Care Brushes

Many young women with acne have seen their skintone improve significantly, and some see their problems vanish altogether, from using this device. You can buy the Clarisonic brush (roughly $150-200) in many places, but Bergdorf's sells it too.

So if you think you might hop go to Bergdorf's to buy the Tria Clarifying Blue Light device, I would recommend investing in this product too.

And if you have very mild acne, I would try the Clarisonic, which is more well-known, to see if it fixes your skintone before investing in the Tria Blue Light gadget.

That's it. The top three.

Talking about electronic devices is kind of a mouthful. I want to be clear and honest though.

**Also, this post is very unusual because I have not tested these devices myself, but recommend them based on the positive feedback from beauty experts at the event and my own online research. I think these products are hot and no one paid me to say that, but encourage you to exercise your best judgment.

P.S. Christian Dior couture dazzling-ness sent my brain into a spell...hope I haven't kept you waiting too long on this article.

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Jammy line said...

My sister was using tria blue light system for 6 months. She can find real improvement in her. Its really worth to get one.