Friday, December 31, 2010

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

For those of you dying for more New Year's Eve beauty tips, here is a quick, stripped down take on the smoky eye.

I tried this out last night on a whim, and was extremely pleased with the results. This look is as easy as fingerpainting in the bathtub, but the results are very Taylor Momsen-esque.

1. Smudge a black eyeshadow across your eyelids with your fingers. One sweep for each eye should do. It should look grey-ish on your skin.

2. Smudge a dark, grey metallic eyeshadow across your eyelids again with your fingers.

3. Choose a light silver eyeshadow, and with a finger that hasn't touched the darker shades, apply it in an arc across the area right above your eyelids. Blend so that it looks shimmery instead of, er, a streak. Ya know?

4. Apply a bit of shimmery, very light taupe eyeshadow to the area under your eyebrow that is closest to your temples. It should be barely visible, but leave a natural sheen.

There's no need to rush, but if you have all the eyeshadows in front of you, this can be accomplished in one minute flat.

The finishing touches....

5. Finish with a reddish-pink lipstick and pink blush.

The smoky eye seems fresher and younger without mascara or eyeliner.

Product Talk: Try it with the eyeshadows in Too Faced's Smoky Eye Palette or the Sephora Collection Color Play palette (both available at Sephora).

Don't do anything we wouldn't do, unless it's with David Johansen. Have a Happy, Safe and Aware New Year's Eve.

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