Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve Makeup Tips: Do's and Don'ts


1. Do wear makeup that you feel comfortable in...but don't be afraid to branch out and wear a daring combination of shades.

2. For a polished and easy look, focus on just one area: lips, eyes or cheeks.

3. If you always wear the latest trends, try either dark wine or fire engine red lipstick shades. These colors are hot.

4. Many gals apply basic mascara in a single sweep, but you can actually wear three or even six layers of mascara for heightened drama. We like Stila Glamoureyes Mascara ($22, Sephora). You can take the wand and brush it on at a slightly diagonal angle instead of just horizontally to get extra volume. Also, don't be afraid to apply a bit extra on the lashes on the outer corners of your eyes.

5. A metallic eyeliner in silver or white, some Bobbi Brown concealer under the eyes, and pink blush will always make you look more awake.

6. If your dress is very sparkly, keep the tone of your makeup neutral, bold or slightly shimmery for a tasteful head-to-toe look. (Don't shellac your lips and cheeks with tons of glitter. The makeup police will arrest you!)

7. Do top of off your outfit with a feather-embellished hair clip or a jaunty hat. You might even want to pin an unusual flower to a chignon for a showstopping look.


1. Don't forget to pack tissue, a small mirror and a cosmetics bag with makeup for touch-ups. If you opt for a vibrant shade of lipstick, you may want to check to make sure it isn't on your teeth.

2. Let dry skin stay that way. Use your favorite moisturizer (mine lately is Lily.B 24/7 Daily Moisturizer) before applying any makeup.

3. Wear liquid foundation that is old. If you have had it 6 months or longer, toss it out!

4. If you wear loose mineral foundation, apply it first and then put on your dress. This will prevent powder from landing on your fabulous outfit.

5. Forget to enjoy the compliments you are sure to receive! You are beautiful.


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