Monday, December 13, 2010

The Skinny on Layering + (UPDATE) Kate Middleton's Engagement Photo Dress

I laughed out loud when I read a recent post on Lucky's blog titled, "5 Quick Layering Tips to Keep You Warm Without Adding Bulk." This article reminded me of the year I wore boxy, thick wool sweaters all winter long. When the season melted to spring, a friend commented on how much weight I had lost. Ridiculous!

Lucky's best recommendation: Wear thin cashmere sweaters. A little cashmere goes a long way.

Feelin' it:
Also, Susie Bubble is guest-blogging and generally being adorable all week long on Lucky's website.

Afternoon News Update: Kate Middleton wore a white Reiss Nanette dress in her official engagement photo. This is setting off a global selling frenzy. Earlier this week, Eyeshadow Government posted a beauty tip on how to get her "royal flush." Our new question is: when will she make more daring choices, and go for a Reiss leopard print batwing coat?

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