Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inez Is So Punk + Mingling Among the Commoners

The famous fashion photographer Inez van Lamsweerde gave an interesting interview to the magazine The Gentlewoman. I prefer the company of women, unlike Inez, but it was inspiring to see how tough she is in a world where women are often expected to be demure and subservient.

Here's an excerpt from The Gentlewoman editor-in-chief Penny Martin's interview with Inez:

The idea of women lowering themselves is repugnant to Inez in general. So much so that she admits sotto voce that she actually prefers the company of men.

Isn't that the ultimate betrayal, a women-hating woman?

"It isn't that at all," she says. "I like women who have opinions who aren't" she bows her head and mimics someone holding out a trembling plate, like a nervous servant "'Would you like more of this, Inez, is this OK for you?' I'm allergic. It's mortifying. No woman should be like that."

And men should?

"Guys handle it better, with humor, men are usually less..."


"Exactly. I'm never like that to anyone. Not even Sophia Loren."


What else happened today? I went to the Midtown Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library today, and checked out some very inspiring books.

But it's still awful there. The building smells weird and there are crazy people who might kill you. To be clear, the library I am talking about is across the street from the main historic one with the lions in Ghostbusters. I've been going to this building more often, but it is no place for young women.

Maybe NYPL should have a delivery service like Fresh Direct? It really is sad that there are so many derelicts there.

The books gave me some good ideas for articles though, and I hope to keep you posted. Also, other happy things are in the works....stay tuned for details. And for goodness sake, please scroll down to see how to enter my holiday giveaway.


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