Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beauty Look: Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Ad Campaign

Fashionologie posted images from the new Marc Jacobs spring 2011 ad campaign, shot backstage at the designer's spring show, and so I know you will all want to know how to get the look. The image above is cropped to focus on the makeup aspect.

The photos by Juergen Teller have a strange wash of color, but I have a general idea what the colors look like in normal light.

So obviously. No. Blush. At. All. Or if you must use some and will feel naked without it, you should only use a few dabs of blush in Nars Orgasm.

The most striking part is that the lips are not completely made up with lipstick. You will probably not want to go out looking like this, but it is interesting how the bare or un-lipsticked areas highlight the contours of her mouth. The effect is very seductive and kind of Man Ray too.

You can apply a deep lip color only in the inner parts of the lip to copy the effect entirely. Or you can apply lipstick with a lip brush across the whole mouth, carefully tracing the "v" in the upper lip. I used L'Oreal Endless Platinum Lipstick #240 in Glistening Berry, but another alternative is Nars lipstick in Fire Down Below, which is redder and less purple. (Some gals like to draw lipstick beyond the natural lines of the lips, but I think that would ruin the effect.)

Next, apply a strong gloss such as Dior Addict Lip Polish or, for higher shine, any shade of Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss. With the L'Oreal lipstick and Clinique gloss in Black Honey, my lips look almost exactly like the photo. Good work, Charlotte!

The last part is not for the faint of heart. Eyes like that take work. Apply a basic concealer to your eyelids. Bobbi Brown's concealers are never too matte, so I recommend them.

Line the eyes with Clinique's Quickliner For Eyes in the black/brown shade. Then, use Stila's Smudge Pot in the sparkly Black Cat shade, and with a thicker eyeliner brush, trace the eyes once again, with an emphasis on the lower lash line. Trace the lower lash line several times.

Then, dip your brush in water and carefully blend this area underneath the eye with the brush and lightly with your fingertips to get that sexy raccoon effect. Allow the makeup to dry. You really need a creaseless eye area to wear this much eye makeup, but young women who are around 16 or in college can absolutely get away with it.

Then, you can apply several sweeps of DiorShow mascara and toss on, well, a really hot Marc Jacobs dress, of course. Or a vintage glitter tube top!

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