Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Happened to My New Year's Resolution?

In case you were wondering why I stopped writing about my burgeoning addiction to exercise, that is because I stopped going to the gym.

Sad, but true. Ack! My schedule has been very busy, and then, one thing led to another....

Please bear with me, girlies. My new issue of Fitness magazine arrived in the mail and has totally motivated me to return. I am going today to use the exercise equipment, then the steam room and then popping over to Barneys with my gym-tastic glow.

Right now, I am so scrawny, I can fit into your hand. Large gusts of wind ricochet my body down the street. Even walking up a slight incline leaves me winded. It's just not cool :-(. So back to the gym I go to "pump up" and channel my superpowers.

Here's to never giving up! After ten solid gym sessions, I plan on rewarding myself appropriately by picking up Mac Wonder Woman Lipstick in Russian Red ($15.50) at the shop.  Zap!

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Wendy R said...

Great to meet you last night - I love the blog! And good luck with your fitness goals...signing up for classes always helps me.