Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Valentine's Day Quiz: Love Him or Leave Him?

Cupid's day is around the corner, but is your guy worthy of your heart or ready to be shown the door?

Your relationship seems cool, and his official status is...

A. your boyfriend. He only has eyes for you.
B. the guy you are dating, but nothing too serious. He still wants to date other girls, but you feel okay with taking it one day at a time...as long as you can see other guys!
C. A question mark. You often don't know where he is and when he tells you, it sounds kinda way fishy.

On a typical date night, you might end up...

A. Talking forever, cuddling at a movie theater or going on a hike. Cupid would be pleased to see you two!
B. Watching him play video games for hours with his buddies. Sometimes you feel like he barely pays any attention to you!
C. alone. He met you earlier in the night at a party, but suddenly he's gone without any explanation.

He shows up for the date, but you need a five more minutes to put on lip gloss and fix your hair. He...

A. Patiently waits for you. He lets you take as much time as you need to look and feel great around him!
B. Is a little annoyed, but tries his best not to show it.
C. Gets mad and pushes you to get a move on.

To show you he cares about you, he...

A. Tells you he loves you. He compliments you on your intelligence and looks, and listens attentively when you share ideas with him.
B.  Says he thinks you're "cute." Awww. He's a little shy.
C. Texts you to suggest "maybe" meeting over the weekend. He's not so sure if he has the time, but hopes to find an hour or two to spend with you between all his other social obligations.

You are upset because you just had a silly argument with your best friend. You tell him the deets, and he...

A. Supports you and shows empathy. He even busts a ridiculous dance move to make you laugh and help you forget about the fight.
B. Is kind of freaked out. Girls seem weird to him, but he tries to pay attention.
C. Doesn't respond at all, and maybe checks his phone.  Why should your problems be his?


If your answers are mostly A's, stick with him! That boy is a total cutie. He has your best interests in mind, and knows how to make you feel good about yourself. Keep him around for Valentine's Day!

If your answers are mostly B's, it seems like your guy has some growing to do. It's possible you want him to be your boyfriend, but for him, that's a wait-and-see situation. Maybe he loves you but is too afraid to say so. Either way, trust your instincts, and ask yourself if you enjoy the time you spend together or whether it's more fun to hang out with your girlfriends.

If your answers are mostly C's, show that guy the door. Sure, breaking up is hard to do, but it's even harder putting up with a guy like him. For the record, he's a total jerk! If he turns up with flowers a week later, don't take him back. You will feel way relieved to have him out of your life.

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