Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Picks: Tales From Barneys New York's First Beauty Blogger Meet-Up

Continued From Yesterday's Post...

Well, after glorying in expert Jason Ascher's encyclopedic knowledge of skin care and fragrance products, I thought you might want to know his must-have makeup picks.

If you missed my article on Friday, Jason is Barneys New York's resident "beauty guru." He is responsible for making many beautiful and powerful women across the city look their best every day. What's amazing about Jason though is that he isn't a slave to makeup trends. On the contrary, he is obsessed with finding what looks mega-great on real women.

Here is a quick round-up of some of his favorite spring makeup products and quick tips:

Lipstick Queen Jean Queen lip gloss:  This perfect shade isn't too shiny or sticky, and it works on almost every skin tone.

Nars Petit Monstre lipstick: Another shade that looks splendid on nearly every woman. This new lipstick from Nars has a shimmery copper look. After testing this on my hand, it has set my imagination spinning, and I would love to wear it in the evening with a taupe dress...or when the weather warms up, you could wear this lipstick when going swimming. (Bathing beauties need lipstick too!)

Nars Douceur blush: "It looks like yoga cheeks," says Ascher.

Bobbi Brown brow fix in mahogany: "It gives you perfect brows."

On tinted moisturizer: Jason Ascher is obsessed with natural, neutral makeup, so he prefers tinted moisturizer above all. "I've talked most of my clients down from foundation," he says. Quite an influencer!

On what to do with that one extremely bright color in the eye makeup compact: He says that you can use an unusual teal or other similarly bold eye shadow colors as an accent. So instead of covering your entire eyelid with a bright blue eye shadow shade, just add a touch to the corner of your eye, or try using it as a liner!

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