Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Valentine's Day Guide: Love Is In the Air

Feeling the Love

If you have a special date on Valentine's Day, I recommend wearing D.S. and Durga's My Indian Childhood perfume and your best lipstick. This scent is nothing short of thrilling.

Don't forget a heart-shaped necklace! (Okay, you don't have to wear mushy heart-shaped jewelry if you're already too sweet, but I like hearts.) This one is kind of cute, ditzy, grandmotherly and punk ($12.50 on Etsy).

Sweet Scents: Moderately Priced Perfumes For A Female Friend

Rock out with Stiletto by Nicole Amy ($42) fragrance. The perfume bottle is shaped like a studded high heel.  This fragrance's classic feminine and floral attitude is sure to be a hit with any friend on Valentine's Day.

Also, what amiga wouldn't love a bit of Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume for Valentine's Day? The rollerball version happens to be a steal at $22, and it smells like pears and peonies.

Fuzzy Thoughts: For The Guys

If your boyfriend is a little forgetful and porcupine-ish, give him a luxurious nudge! The Art of Shaving 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Carry-On Set ($50, Sephora) will help him with his stubble. 

Oh yeah. And if he's touchy about beauty products and your expectations for him to be as glamorous as you are, he might appreciate a CD or mixtape too. 

Spicy Comforts: Another Treat for You

Smell like sugar and spice and everything nice by rubbing on Lush's Hottie massage bar ($9). (You can use it to fix dry skin, instead of a massage.) The black pepper and ginger essential oils help soothe tired muscles, while shea butter moisturizes skin.  

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GINA said...

Hottie Massage Bar…three appealing words in one name .
Wouldn’t mind getting this but mite feel odd asking the SA whether i could have the hottie :-P