Monday, December 12, 2005


Heads up: I am sooooo sleepy, so don't expect any sense from this. Just letting you know what's up with me and makeup these days.

Tonight I had a chance to commence Operation Pour Crud on My Eyeshadow and See if it Turns in to Eyeliner, with mixed results. Water is crap. Vaseline and "Lacrilube," which is an ointment for very dry eyes, were disappointing, failing to pick up enough color or produce a sufficently fine line. The winner in this round? Saline solution. Not bad in a pinch, though I don't know how long it will stay on. But don't go anywhere, I have high hopes for glycerin, and I may actually manage to haul ass to the drugstore this week.


Meanwhile, for things I don't trust myself to replicate in the lab, I still head to Sephora. Which is where I went with my friend K yesterday. (Her real initial, I keep my makeup and my Kafka references separate. Mostly. Sometimes. For now.) We were on a misguided mission to obtain Dior Icepearl, which I previously HAD AND LOST, because I am useless. Since I'd acquired it early on, I did not realize the frenzy that it inspired (totally frenzy-worthy, btw), and was not prepared to have the salesgirl look at me like I was a total loon when I asked her if they had it. Apparently these days you have to trade your hymen on eBay for some chick to let you come over and borrow hers for a few minutes and even that's a deal, but I'm all the fuck out of hymens. Anyway, the salesgirl was playing fast and loose with the creative interpretations of my desires, because she directed me to Guerlain's Divinora Fairy Mascara. I am a Guerlain fan, actually, though they do tend to the slightly goofy, but this, this was just club kid sparkles, a posher version of my precious Bourjois Wet Look Top Coat. Anyway, my basic message here is DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU SPARKLY MASCARA IS DIOR ICEPEARL BECAUSE THAT'S BLASPHEMY. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE.

(They actually had a sample Icepearl wand out. I aaaaalmost thought about maaaaybe grovelling for it, but I've got enough of my own bacteria.)

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