Friday, December 02, 2005

20,000 Leagues Under AWESOME

Holy frigg, I was going to write about blue mascara today, but that was before I knew that there was an airbrush-makeup kit shaped like a CRAZY SUBMARINE. Uslu Airlines (whatever, it's a SUBMARINE) is a creation of makeup artist Feride Uslu, and word on the street is flawless natural application blahzee blah, but I could care less, since it is SHAPED LIKE A SUBMARINE. It could glop the stuff on like tile grout and I would still love it.

Here's an example of airbrush makeup - gah, I want to grow up to be the girl in that picture, she's grouwgeous. This is where I unambivalently love makeup - playing and creating/becoming new, strange things. The worrying about oh, what concealer's going to make me look the least tired, or is that hot pink nail polish really funeral-appropriate - it's a lot of aesthetic etiquette (does that make sense?) and I'd probably give it up if I were in charge of the world, or at least more self-assured. But this - orange, and submarines and machines and trying to channel something beautiful and bizzare, this I am on board for.

Too bad it costs like a kajillion dollars ($461). If you are way richer than me and in Paris, I hate you and you can get it at Colette. But promise me you won't just use it to apply drab foundation - that's wrong, somehow.

UPDATE: Submarine? WHO AM I? That is so clearly a pipe, first and foremost. Oof, my high school friends would be so ashamed.

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