Thursday, December 29, 2005

Henri Bendel: Unhealthy Fixation or Only the Taj Mahal....ALSO WHERE TO SCORE LOOT FOR FREE

Charlotte wants and needs to go to Henri Bendel, sooooo I'm leaving tomorrow. It seems like the destination supreme-o for Bergdorf Blondes with a hankering for the status quo, when they're not at Bergdorf's or strolling the avenues with tiny dogs and rabid pet monkeys. Note to self: avoid buying glove-sized animals, brain mass gradually decreases in the public eye . I've also seen uber-preppy Ralph Lauren girls all over the subway reading Prep . (Charlotte surmises the bling $$$$$ navy sweaters cannot buy you c-c-c-c-class.)

Back to Henri, the lover. My lover? We shall see. Heretofore, my residence in San Francisco lacked proximity to this international emporium of worldliness and decadence. AKA really fucking rich girls. Although once in my life, I did breeze into the Beverly Center, buy an expensive silk dress in 15 minutes, throw it on in a drugstore bathroom, and go my merry way....But I was luckier then. While I discover new ways to cook a potato each day, I am off to buy overpriced blush tomorrow morning. Dear readers, Wish me luck at Henri! Farewell! Adieu! A bientot!

ALSO, on the Beauty Horizons....Kiehl's Abyssine Cream. I think it's GOOOOD. Abysinne, on the label, promises all these subtle things though, like resiliency, which are hard to measure. Oh beautiful people, I'm young and resilient without no wussy wussy cream to get my back. Anyhow. The cool thing about Kiehl's is that they give away free samples like skittles at every Kiehls' counter on this earth . GRATIS. Nothing. Yup.

Dude, I'm going to kick Target's ass.

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violet said...

"I've also seen uber-preppy Ralph Lauren girls all over the subway reading Prep."

Performance art.