Monday, December 19, 2005

It's ME! But SOAP!

Do you see this? Do you see that this is a soap called "Gratuitous Violets" by the almost-never disappointing Lush? That's me! I'm Gratuitous Violet! I need this soap in massive quantities! Bushels! Truckloads! Just one itty bitty truckolad? Santa?

In honor of my new favorite soap in the universe, I'm posting about a few of my other fave Lush products. I have loved Lush from the CRADLE.

New Years is when you get to be a sparkly whore, yes? What better way to make yourself one than with Candy Fluff Dusting Powder? None! None better way! It smells like bubble gum and it's just the right amount of twinkle to confuse and disorient cute people you are trying to BE ON. Plus, all of Lush's dusting powders are talc-free, if you don't party with carcinogens.*

I extra-specially love Lush for travel, because they make compact awesome products that make me feel organized and prepared without feeling like a huge old lame-o-pants who is always organized and prepared. Like Trichomania, an amazing coconutty dealie that has served me well across many of this world's fine countries. They say it's for dry hair, but I don't have particularly dry hair, I just strive to be SOFT LIKE BUNNY and to that end, it worked beautifully.

Finally, anyone with greasy, spot-prone skin needs to check out Fresh Farmacy which will dry them right up. I alternate this with a glycolic acid cleanser (I'm between brands, so am going to mull before suggesting one) and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. It's got all sorts of soothing bizznez in it, too, so it's nice after plucking/waxing.


*Like everything I say, this is just one step away from PLAIN MADE UP. I don't know, talc could be great for you. Everything and its mom is a carcinogen, anyway. Whatever you do, never change your consumer habits because of something I said.


charlotte said...

Best of intentions. But as for New Years is when you get to be a sparkly whore, didn't you--with the best of intentions-- invite me to a party with a bunch of really, really, really old people? Thanks for looking out for my virginity.

charlotte said...

I'm gonna by that Lush!

Patty said...

Oh, the violets. Yikes, I seriously may need to have this. Violets are kryptonite to my wallet

violet said...

VIOLETS ARE THE BEST. I am currently crushing on this scent.

And c, you know I speak entirely in hypotheticals. I am over New Years - I can't remember the last one I had that was not totally disastrous, and I say that with complete sincerity. Me and mine tend more to the "whore" than the "sparkly" when let out of our cages.