Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hey, Babyface: Report Back on Aveeno

So Babyface wrote that song for Madonna, Take A Bow with the whole matador fashionista espagnole backdrop. As if guys who taunt animals for a living make for an ideal "boyfriend." ....Anyhow, as for Babyface and using products for baby's faces all over my womanly face, Aveeno is a true matador. No, it does not taunt bulls or make me flash with anger while hoofing it across Manhattan. Rather, Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion was my protective shield--best for hands, legs, and even feet--stood me well yesterday in the midst of blistering cold, shivering fears, and my ()*(*)ing amazing (temporary) Soho apartment.

Strength can come from unlikely places--like oatmeal--instead of freaky boys brandishing ruthless steel instruments. And buying cheap oatmeal-based beauty products, instead of the pomegranate and fig-based perfumes that I so adore, also means that I actually might have money to eat a pomegranate or a fig and other food that isn't moisturizer.

In my own opinion, the subway strike is like a giant Christmas tree. Hopped into a car with a couple from Atlanta with ten bottles of Cristal in the backseat! I love New York!

A- as a body moisturizer (gotta leave room for the holy grail of moisture)
B as a facial moisturizer (it's a little thick)
That's all, Kim Gordon.


violet said...

"Manpants" taunts animals (at least the dog), but not for a living. And he doesn't kill it after the taunting.

Acceptable or unacceptable mate behavior?

charlotte said...

Manpants is exempt from all criticism. He made a masthead for us, right?

violet said...

yeah. someday he'll even upload it.