Thursday, December 01, 2005

antici... pation

Hello Beauty Addict visitors! Nice to see you. Hope you all are enjoying the first days of PRESENT MONTH 2005.

Tasty fritters, now that I have a job, I've had to cut my morning routine down by, let's say, 12 hours or so. Once I'd trimmed the obvious inessentials, like, oh, going back to sleep, or calling my mom and complaining that my feet were cold and I wanted to put socks on but I'd have to get out of bed to do that and then my feet would be even COLDER, I had do something about hair and makeup.

So! I have exciting things to say about my new super-speedy and incredible morning routine, which I can't go on and on about now, because the First Gentleman of Makeup wants to hang out and I'm not ready to sacrifice my marriage to blogging JUST YET, but a teaser...

Blue Mascara. I always thought it was a special fun treat, or maybe an everyday for you blue-eyed fritters out there, but in the past few days, it has managed to become a part of my happy family.

Exciting stuff, huh? Details to follow as soon as I get my shit together.


Patty said...

Colored mascara has become essential -- blue, green, violet, love 'em all!

Great blog!

violet said...

It's so great! I actually think royal blue mascara makes eyelashes look DARKER than any black mascara can, due to an amazing optical feat that I am theeees close to figuring out.