Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Hey fellow strikey-pants New Yorkers! Ours is not to talk about pretty tonight, ours is but to GET WARM AND RELAX OUR FEETS. To this end, I suggest a mug of something yumbly from Mariage Frères - I like Bal Masque, an amazing blend of black teas and who know what all that has pretty blue specks in it and a nice sort of apricot-y taste, but I can't find it online... believe me though, any of them are delicious. Here in the United States of Murka, you can order at Sloan Hall. Maybe it'll get here in time for the next transit strike. They also have a limited selection at Williams Sonoma, including the much-hyped but too bubble-gummy for me Marco Polo.

At this juncture, you have an important choice to make: do you break out the big guns from Penhaligon's and take an awesome-smelling, profoundly relaxing bath - no reading in the tub allowed! You have to just lie there and get smooshy! OR, do you curl up with your fluffiest comforter and watch something with Katherine Hepburn in it? I've made my choice...

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charlotte said...

Penhaligon is so posh & vonderbar. Smooch.