Monday, November 21, 2005

To Make You Blush!

Benefit's Georgia Peach Blush

For this season's color stories, it's all smoke and mirrors—deep greys, opulent purples, metallics. But then, there are fail-proof colors that anyone can wear like this blend of citrus orange and pink blush by Benefit. We think this is just peachy.

Special Stila Makeup Compacts

At Macy's downtown San Francisco, the first shipment already sold out. Tawny, shiny, pretty, small and packed with wearable colors—neutral yet sparkly. Scrawled with a lovely floral design, the ultra-slim compact fits anywhere—after all, discretion is the better part of valor.

Burberry Metallic Notebook (only passport, available online)

Burberry's stocking stuffers (for families who don't gift socks for the holidays ). Raccoon radar: on. Now, what does one do with a metallic gold leather diary embossed with deep Art Deco rectangles? "Accidentally" leave in a conspicuous place and the rest is history. For once, a supple super-gold lined notebook, mouth-watering and then returned to its place on the table at Burberry's (before they called security), has a true calling. If as the New York Observer says, pretending to read books is the new black, pretending to keep secrets is surely the new gold.

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violet said...

Where's the notebook at? J'ai envie! I SAID, J'AI ENVIE!