Monday, November 21, 2005

Salivating over Salve

Fuck yeah, I got Cloverine! It's great. Cheerful blue and yellow and white tin - the sort of thing Heidi would keep her Ricola in. I am going to do a point-by-point comparison with Smith's Rosebud, another excellent salve by the same company (Rosebud Perfume Co.) which some of you may be familiar with. They also make some Strawberry thing but I don't fuck around with that kind of shit.

Cloverine - white petrolatum (Vaseline), turpentine (paint thinner), fragrance (fragrance)
Smith's Rosebud - cotton seed oil, armol, essential oils

Advantage - Cloverine. Armol sounds like arm oil and that's gross.

Smith's Rosebud - pink
Cloverine - mucus

Advantage - Smith's Rosebud

Cloverine - mild, but distinct and pine-y
Smith's Rosebud - baby powder, cloying

Advantage - Cloverine

A special tingle that means it's working
Smith's Rosebud - none
Cloverine - slight

Advantage - Cloverine

Total - Cloverine 3, Smith's Rosebud 1.

I am also all up on Cloverine because it's still UNDERGROUND. UNDERGROUND SALVE.

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charlotte said...

i love balm in technicolor! did you tell 'em about our Pixar and Google consultants? (we keep them in the basement)