Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thus Victorians Names Perish Slowly

I am dying. Sort of. Waking up at 6 am has fairly ravaged my once gleaming visage, and left me a pale specter of my former beauteous self. Makeup cannot save me today. Nothing will, but a good night's sleep.

On the agenda for this week (stay totally tuned!):

Benefit's Georgia Peach Blush
See, I just typed George--bless that failed magazine and my feather pillow.

Amore Pacific Refining Cream
In conclusion, $90 cream can't hurt you.

Special Stila Makeup Compacts

Burberry stocking stuffers (for families who don't gift socks for the holidays ).

And, as an apertif, Tom Ford perfume.

1 comment:

violet said...

Aww, George is a peach!