Sunday, November 13, 2005

Any Thoughts, Charlotte? I Like Our Awesome Victorian Pseudonyms.

I'd like it if more butch boys would start wearing makeup so I didn't ever have to feel funny about it, 'preciate it, thanks.

My mantra may be "don't take yourself too seriously and don't take other people seriously at all or your whole mind will explode," however, I am going to need to work out a couple of kinks if I am going to call myself a GIMONGULOUS FEMINIST and plan to write about things that women (like me!) are tricked in to paying a lot of money for so that they don't look so fucking ugly and old.

There is the it-is-fun-and-empowering-to-play-with-your-appearance thing, but it's kind of disingenuous to act like I can really own my makeup-wearing when a large percentage of my makeup-wearing is, how you say, corrective? Like "own my makeup-wearing," ok, but why not just own my zits? And owning-my-makeup-wearing ends up also meaning owning a lot of fucking makeup.

It is noble not to pay for things.

So, we're all pretty invested women's insecurities about appearance! Oy, you wouldn't believe! It's how in how we consume, it's in how we bond, it's in a whole lot of things, and some people are getting veryveryvery rich off it.

Anyway. This is just stuff I am thinking about. About makeup! Shiny.

PS. You know what DOES suck, genuinely, is when making yourself sparkly hurts. Like with eyebrow threading. That really hurts. Not as much as having a unibrow does, though!


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violet said...

pps i really cannot emphasize enough how ridonkulous my unibrow is if i don't do anything about it.