Monday, November 07, 2005

Makeup and Hairspray for President!

BeachBlonde John Frieda: Ocean Waves Sea Spray Texturizing Styler

For the record, cute guys have totally opined their hair woes when they saw these Ocean Wave Sea Spray Texturized locks . Wind-tossed, natural curls inspire admiration and, every once in a while, “hair awe.” Yeah, yeah, fab Mischa Barton-esque hair isn’t about making cute guys feel insecure, but it’s kind of fun when it does.
(Irrelevant fact: when you shake the bottle, the inside looks like a jacuzzi.) Methinks the secret ingredients are sea salt and jojoba oil.

Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation

Foundation’s tricky, but this one is just right. Ultra-matte formulas can make for a very dull bird; sheer kinds don’t hide enough on uneven skin. Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral foundation feels kinda shiny and sticky, but youthful glow beats crusty matte foundation, circa 1950, every time. Ingredients seem blossomy and mountainy—mica, aloe vera, lavender, and chamomile—not the usual nine-syllable chemicals.
We don't know if Jane is a born genius (in a past life, she did casting for The Outsiders), or b) just lazy like us, but anyway, the whole shebang of minerals has built-in sunblock too. Rocks are cool, especially when they make you look hotter.

Plain Yogurt Masks

Honestly, I thought this was just for girls who don’t read books. This was an egregious mistake.
If a home kitchen skin remedy, that’s all about slathering on plain yogurt, seems just too easy to be true, think about life....before TV. Gently purifying, nourishing, while leaving skin with a soft glow, yogurt is the new Botox—at least, to me. Scaring people with spooky yogurt faces is way more fun than scaring people with facial muscles that have ceased to contract.

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violet said...

I love that hairspray stuff. You forgot to say that it smells like cute boys would, if cute boys smelled like they looked.