Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Street Style: Go Over the Top

The other night, I spotted this girl with Marni-meets-cyberpunk street style. Slung across her tweedy red and white coat was a boho chic ethnic purse. While she could have paired this with black jeans and looked like anyone else in New York, she raised the bar with electric purple stockings and silver sneakers. And she didn't seem the least bit self-conscious. This was like "obvee" normal for her.

Here's how to get this look in 4 easy steps:

 1. Bust out your red and white vintage coat. This is a darling Marni-esque linen version, perfect for sunny days, available on Etsy for $50.  (Etsy shop owner Katie Acompora knows a good jacket when she sees one.)

2. Drench your legs in a contrasting color. These stockings are $14.99 at ModCloth.

3. Toss on a bag inspired by ethnic bazaars. Blithe & Buoyant tote ($518), sold at Anthropologie.

4. Add Jetsons-esque Nine West silver sneakers ($68 on sale). Or if your style is uber-feminine, you can slip into posh Delman flats ($250) in silver nappa leather. Both shoes are sold on

I was trying to figure out why her style resonated with me. Now I remember I used to wear a mod jacket from the Champs-Élysées with pink metallic shoes from Canal Street when I studied at UC Berkeley. I guess this stranger and I are like style soulmates. Fashion jinx personal! XOXO!

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