Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Healthy Eating: Try These Sweet and Awesome Snacks

Many of you have made New Year's resolutions to eat healthier or lose weight, so here are a few ideas for staying on track from my own fridge. I recently picked up groceries at Trader Joe's and have been enjoying eating lighter.

Instead of a custard fruit tart: You can enjoy all the flavors of a fruit tart without the fat by mixing a half a cup of Trader Joe's Triple Berry-O's with roughly four tablespoons of Trader Joe's Low Fat vanilla and banana yoghurt. Triple Berry-O's cereal is chock full of yummy dried strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. This snack will satisfy any sweet tooth, without packing on the pounds.

Instead of a milkshake or a cookie with jam: Try Trader Joe's probiotic Mango Lassi drink. This delectable, creamy mango yogurt drink is very filling and a perfect low fat snack. Also, probiotic yogurt may help prevent breakouts. One bottle contains about 4 portions.

Pears! Crackers! Tea!
Put down the doughnut: Shake off the extra weight by trading in heavy, fried desserts for fruit. Not to be too high on myself, but to quote Ned Flanders, Bartlett pears (see the bag I picked up) are scrum-diddly-umptious. You really will feel very virtuous for eating a pear, an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Skip soda: Trade the fizzy stuff in the can for Trader Joe's pomegranate white tea if you need a little midday pick-me-up beverage. This tea is packed with heart-healthy antioxidants and naturally sweet. You won't need to add sugar.

Avoid white bread: Do not eat Wonder Bread unless you are a robot. Your stomach and body are not built for bleached white food. Pick out multigrain staples, like yummy Trader Joe's multigrain and flax seed crackers. These crackers are yum yum with a dollop of goat cheese. I also like the TJ's spelt bread. As general advice, if a loaf of bread is more processed than Debbie Harry's hair, you can save it for the bomb shelter. It really does not belong inside of you.

Good luck to all my readers who are trying to eat better in 2012! You can do it!

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