Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sea and Be Seen

Need to zap a zit before a hot date?

If you find that salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide spot treatments actually don't work for your skin type, you can use some mud like this H&B Dead Sea Purifying mask to dry out a spot instead. I find this particular mask to be too harsh for covering the entire face, especially if your skin is sensitive like mine, but it is excellent for reducing the size of a bump.

Drinking lots and lots of water a few days in advance, as well as licorice tea, can help your skin a ton if you have special plans.

P.S. Today, the mud from my H&B Dead Sea Purifying mask wouldn't come out of the bottle, so I squeezed the tube very hard. My mint green walls were plastered in dark green goo! If this ever happens to you, use a bobby pin instead. Only I could get myself into such a pickle. Ridiculous!

Buy it: Health & Beauty Purifying Mud Mask (retails for $24.99), HBDeadSea.com.

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