Thursday, April 19, 2012

Aha, The Allah-Las - Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)

The Allah-Las are a new band with vintage flair. With a fresh new single out "Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)" produced by Nick Waterhouse, expect to hear more. Waterhouse says this band sounds like "like bungalows in canyons" and "hidden deco stairsteps peeking from leafy hillsides." Hugs, right? I would add "Tell Me" also sounds like cruising down Sunset Boulevard and sunset at the beach in Malibu.

Waterhouse is a young, up-and-coming musician-producer who has gigged with Booker T. Jones. He also featured saxophonist Ira Raibon on his first mega-awesome release "Some Place" (click away). Ira Raibon was part of the original lineup of Earth, Wind and Fire. Both the Allah-Las and Waterhouse rock and roll on the label Innovative Leisure.

Everyone is so terrif' today. Can't wait for the video shoot this weekend!


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