Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Valentine Penrose's Lips

I was reading this book "The Ox on the Roof" about life in Paris in the 1920s and the preceding decade. The author James Harding describes the surrealist Jean Cocteau wearing silk pajamas and taking a telephone call from the poet/artist Valentine Penrose. What a fantastic life!  I once saw a beautiful piece attributed to Valentine Penrose at a show at the Tate Modern in England. Along with composing poems and making collages, Valentine sat for photographs by Man Ray, studied Sanskrit, appeared in Bunuel's "L'Age d'Or" and wrote a book about a psychopathic 17th century countess.

I believe this is an image of her by Man Ray:

 For vampy, Man Ray-style lips, try MAC lipstick in Cyber ($14.50,, an inky, deep purple.

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