Thursday, May 19, 2011

VIDEO: Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Makeover and Beauty Tips From the Makeup Show

Hello dearies,

I am "practicing" being more exhibitionistic. This is the video I promised you yesterday. As a warning, at one point, the video does cut off mid-sentence. What I was trying to tell you is that the eyeshadow colors are from the fabulous YSL Five Color Harmony Eye Palette in Indian Pink (available at Neiman Marcus).

This marks Eyeshadow Government's entry onto YouTube. I think my video screen fogged up a bit while recording because the weather that day was very "Miami Vice." Worship me anyway!

Also, one great product YSL national makeup artist Dell Ashley used before applying foundation was  YSL Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skincare Brush. Ashley likes using this brush on models because it primes and moisturizes skin in one easy step. Also, he doesn't have to put his fingers into any pots, making the application very clean. The formula contains caffeine, an ingredient that can improve skin's overall appearance and may even protect against sun damage.

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