Monday, May 16, 2011

Product Reviews: KeratinPerfect Shampoo and Hair Oil

KeratinPerfect products have just launched at Sephora and if you have hair on your head, you may want to pay mighty close attention.

My coiffure is on a roll. Whether you crave a sleek hairdo or just want to tame mid-day frizz, there's something for everyone in the KeratinPerfect line.

Right now, I use two products by this brand regularly:

PerfectCleanse Keratin Enhanced Shampoo ($24, Sephora) super-charges my hairdo, making it appear thicker, healthier and shinier. It's hard to describe, but I feel like this shampoo is the equivalent of pumping iron for your locks. The product strengthens each strand and tames frizz.

I can actually feel the difference as soon as I use the shampoo, and see a difference when I am out of the shower. My hair is always smoother after using this product.

Cool, right?

The second product I heart is the KeratinPerfect PerfectShine Keratin Oil ($40, Sephora).

Expect positive feedback. If people don't say you look great when you use this hair-taming oil, you don't have the right friends. Certainly, mine do.

On days that I skip the KeratinPerfect shampoo, my hair can be a thorny, fuzzy, frizzy, tangled, rambunctious thing. Now, I just rub a few drops of this oil in my hands, apply to my dry hair, brush, twirl and gloat.

I adore my suddenly well-groomed tresses.

Also, the centerpiece of the KeratinPerfect line is a Brazilian Hair Smoothing System.  I haven't tried KeratinPerfect's main smoothing treatment, called ThePerfector, yet because I'm keeping my natural waves.  But so, so many of you want straighter hair!

My friend Lisa at Beauty by Benz tried ThePerfector and posted the fab results on her blog. Before, her hair appeared cute and curly. After, her hair appeared hot and Jessica Rabbit smooth! Also, most importantly, ThePerfector is formaldyhyde-free, as are all the the products in the line.


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