Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anonymous, Preposterous

Hi darlings,

As you know, I have been flirting with a makeup-less lifestyle. For me, it's weird switching between wearing a lot of makeup and none, although many women do it all the time. After relying on heaps of makeup for years, I feel almost like a peasant when I skip foundation or mineral powder. The bare look is also a little "hippie" (not my favorite word unless we are talking about Joni Mitchell or a trip to Marrakech).

So...in some ways, I feel invisible without my makeup, which is kind of weird but also makes sense. Do you think Kim Kardashian could barrel on with such gusto without that eyeliner? I think not. Makeup is just part of my identity.

Still, I discovered that when I skip tons of foundation, I am hardly anonymous. My adoring public (they know who they are, LOL) is still very friendly.

If you typically wear liquid cover-up and are thinking about going for an au naturel look, you can start by wearing a touch of bronzer instead (especially if you haven't been outside that much this spring) and a sheer lipstick.

I quite like the Bronze-buki Brush by Too Faced. Bronzer in a solid compact form can very quickly appear too heavy (super-yikes!). This amazing all-in-one kabuki brush does the thinking for you, and releases just a little bit of bronzer powder at a time. The result is a healthy, sheer tan that no one would ever know is fake.

BUY IT: Too Faced Bronze-buki Retractable Brush ($34), Sephora.


Joni Mitchell, "Both Sides Now"

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tara said...

Pleased to be a member of your adoring public, lol. Xo