Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Warm Weather Foundation Advice

Eyeshadow Government's big piece of official beauty advice for July weather is "lighten up." You've got your buckets of thick liquid foundation, and we applaud you for your patriotism.

It's tough with all the mercury rising though. You don't want your makeup to melt like an orange creamsicle. (Sorry, had to show you this cute bottle nosed dolphin too!)

Anyhoo, here's a 2-step tip...1. After you wash your face, put on a matte foundation while your skin is wet. The water will thin out the formula of your makeup, making it sheerer and less sticky in hot weather. But when it dries, it might be slightly uneven. 2. Next, take a kabuki brush (dry or dipped in pressed powder) and use firm strokes to blend the makeup for a polished, even finish. Extra water will help you make a splash no matter the weather!

Product Pick: We use Clinique Superbalanced Foundation Makeup for this weather because it's oil-free and automatically reduces shininess.

Buy it: Clinique Superbalanced Makeup ($19.50), Sephora.


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