Thursday, July 17, 2008

Banish My Drudgery! Coffee Talk About Vogue Magazine, Lava Lamps, and My Life

I've got too much time on my hands when I spend all day dressing up fancy. Between ironing our outfits from Paris, unearthing that perfect French lipstick, and ripping open the USPS package (my new silk lavender skirt) along with heaps of love letters, what else am I to do with myself? P.S., perhaps some exaggeration before that last comma.

: My new skirt that arrived in the mail has a lovely clustered grape pattern on it, which is kind of like eating a snack if you believe Vogue. On page 74 of the July issue, it says, "Think thin: Stave off hunger pangs just by picturing your last meal." Call me crazy, but if your hunger reaches a "pang," as in ouch, surely it's time to lunch, brunch, dine, or for chrissakes nibble.

MITIGATING FACTORS: Aren't Iman and Tyra and Chanel and Jourdan Dunn beautiful? Eyeshadow Governemnt does give Vogue props for its July article about discrimination against black models. Vogue's apt headline = "Is Fashion Racist?"
This was a thrilling read, so definitely check it out.

FURTHER EVIDENCE OF MY GENERAL MALAISE TODAY: Finding a Youtube video of a lava lamp accompanied by Edith Piaf doesn't help...

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