Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ramblin' Eyeshadow Government Update: The Stay-cation and Ye Of Hard to Spell Name, Jake Gyllenhaal

I've been waiting for an excuse to use this new word so I can feel really cool, like "I just had a stay-cation." I've been much too busy to plan any stay-cation though. Does planning a stay-cation make you dumb?

Anyhoo, it's just plain hanging around the house with an air conditioner whispering in my ear for now. I am eventually going to have a KILLER stay-cation tho if the universe allows me my due. Luck is on my side. For example, wherever I go people are leaving perfectly decent paperbacks behind on the subway and on the sidewalk, and I've been bringing them home to read.

I would give you a beauty tip today, but it seems like the time of year to not bother about dressing up. Just be fabulous. Do whatever you want to do.

Celebrity sighting: A beautiful chow dog in fine spirits walking down Prospect Park West, near the F train, and like about two weeks ago, Jake Gyllenhaal stepping onto the train at the Bleecker stop. (Send me a chow chow!)

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