Sunday, July 13, 2008

Products Test-Driven This Week: Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder and Pangea Organics Calendula and Blood Orange Facial Cleanser

On Location: Whole Foods Whole Body Section
After questioning the a meaning of Mineral Fusion (TM) pressed base powder, and wearing it multiple times, I am now ready to give it the stamp of approval. Compared to Bare Escentuals I.D. mineral makeup, its texture is more "powdery" but still flattering. Unlike many other foundations, it doesn't contain terrible parabens or talc. I met a Whole Foods insider who was involved in creating the Mineral Fusion line, and she confided to me most of the other mineral makeup brands didn't meet Whole Foods' "standards." This makes me think Whole Foods is looking out for us! Or as Cher once said in Clueless: "You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet."

Also, on the super A-list of beauty products is Pangea Organics Egyptian Calendula and Blood Orange Facial Cleanser. Yeah yeah, it earned a Redbook MVP beauty award. But this puppy works by combining disinfecting ingredients like lavender, calendula, and blood orange essential oils while moisturizing with coconut and jojoba seed oil. This really revived my skin and made us forget all about the sucky cleansers we ever met.

Buy it: Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder, Pangea Organics Egyptian Calendula and Blood Orange Facial Cleanser (about $24) , Whole Foods.

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