Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bollywood Icons and Indian Film Industry Beauty Advice

Asin Thottumkal just happens to be one of the most stunning women ever. This gal is a hot commodity in the Indian movie industry, and so like (ok, as of five minutes ago), I've decided I'd love to look like her, talk like her, dance like her, and wear bizarre, swirly-bodiced red Lanvin dresses like her too. After searching, it appears though that even a "basic," simple dress by Lanvin retails at $3,325.00. Yo.

There's no real advice on how to get "Asim's look" without genetically cloning her. For mortals like me, I would assume she's got some good red lipstick (Lipstick Queen in Red Sinner), brown eyeshadow, and a great hairstylist with some type of ceramic-heated iron. If that's a wig, I can accept that since she looks too jaw-drawwwwpping to be true.

Pucker Up for a Tip: Use a lipstick brush to gain more control of the look. First, dip the brush into a red tube of lipstick and line the upper and bottom lips. Draw a v at the very center of the upper lip. Then choose either point on top of the "v" and slope the brush upward and then down and outwards for this classic heart-shaped, Hollywood lip. Fill in the middle of the lip area with small, firm brush strokes.

Also, Where to Get All the Bollywood Beauty Insider Secrets: My squeezable, great friend Gen has looped me into her obsession with Bollywood dance routines....and whaddayaknow? I Heart Makeup has tons of Bollywood makeup tips. This is a post about M.A.C. senior cosmetics artist Vimi Joshi who works a lot with young Bollywood stars!


Sarah said...

Red Sinner lipstick is great! My friends keep stealing mine!

Anonymous said...

I love red Sinner too!
Another great find is Rouge Sinner and Opal Shine all Lipstick Queen items!
Asin Thottumkal is amazing and looks just gorgeous on the cover of Vogue!

Anonymous said...

Love Love LOVE lipstick Queen.

Everything is so cool and hip. love the packaging and the products. I just ordered some new ones online - will try the red sinner I hear it is the best red out there

i♥make-up said...

Hey girl,

Thanks for the shout-out!